with Massimiliano Locatelli

A new approach in developing houses, shops and buildings. A new way of building that reduces environmental impact. In “Architecture & Design Go Green,” the fourth panel of Green B Talks, architect Massimiliano Locatelli spoke about sustainable architecture and 3D technology with three exceptional guests.

Cristiana Fragola , general European manager of C-40 Cities – the network of big cities around the world that are actively fighting to reduce greenhouse gasses –explained how the European Union can try to reach the ambitious goal of becoming, by 2050, the leading economy and society with a non-existent carbon footprint.

Annamaria Scevola , an architect who is an expert in developing and designing fashion stores and boutiques, told us about how the concept of stores and customer priorities have transformed, increasingly putting into use eco-sustainable materials.

Nina Yashar , art dealer and collector who founded “Nilufar Gallery” and “Nilufar Depot” in Milan, talked to us about how the work of architects and designers has evolved over time, from the creative process to the creation of the final product.

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Massimiliano Locatelli

He studied at the Milan Polytechnic University and got his PhD with Kenneth Frampton at Columbia University in New York. Among his projects, the Onward Luxury Group facility, featured at the Italian pavilion in the XIII Architecture Biennial in Venice. In 2012, he developed a design collection, in 2015 he launched “Untitled Homeware”, a project for table items. In 2018 he received the “Best Sustainability” award with his “3D Housing 05” project, which featured a 3D house made specifically for Milan Design Week.