A talk between creative minds who work in creative sectors but who all have the same goal in common: to raise awareness in as many people as possible, to find new solutions to build a more sustainable future and make the world a better place.

With “Green Revolution”, the panel moderated by journalist Giuliana Matarresetogether with three special guests, continues GREEN B Talks, our new sustainability project that is now in its second edition.

Joerg Zuber, creator of Noonoouri, the influencer and digital activist who is always at the forefront of supporting women and social causes, opened up the event. The digital artist explained to us how he managed to exploit Noonoouri’s large following on social media to convey important messages and teach that even small daily gestures can make a difference.

Then it wasDJ e Music LoverValentina Georgia Pegorer’s turn, who shared with us her reflections on how the world of music and the entertainment industry can restart after the pandemic with a lower environmental impact. To close the talk art directorLele Del Fabbro, who talked to us about the problem of pollution and the role of packaging and revealed how he managed to find more sustainable solutions, collaborating with companies that created colored paper using lemons, kiwis and other types of fruit.

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Joerg Zuber is a global citizen. A traveller that turns his experience into art. A designer and artistic director who has always been enthusiastic about fashion, he's been seducing audiences for 20 years with unconventional creativity through animation, film, audio and print. He is the creator of high digital fashion and the mind behind @noonoouri, the virtual influencer and environmental activist, as well as a beloved fashion icon.